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Comdata started its business in 1969. It runs payment solution, paperless payroll, fleet fuel, and virtual permit business. Now, it claims that it is the leader of the payment solution. It is because Comdata provides payment service to the companies. The company that uses this service has to ask their employees to access Comdata login. This way, they will be able to check the card balance.

The cardholders can visit Comdata login portal to manage their account. Once they have logged into Comdata web, they can do some activities. First, they can work with the pay stub. Second, they can control the card balance to see whether the company has paid their salary. Besides, they can log into the account of Comdata credit card as well. They have to register the Comdata card first before they can do the features above.

From this article, you can learn the steps to register your account. Then, you also can read how to access Comdata Cardholder Login. Besides, we also serve the way to reset Comdata login password. Also, you can explore the procedure of checking Comdata balance as well. On this page, you will be able to gain complete information about Comdata pay card.

Simple Steps to Register Your Comdata Pay Card

All Comdata cardholders have to access their account online. To do this, they have to activate their card first. You can register in a simple process as described in this writing. Registration is a must thing to do if you want to get the benefits from online service. The cardholder Comdata has to sign up on the website. But, the users will need a code to register their cards.

Some of the users may get confused what activation code is. In fact, you will receive this code when you get your Comdata card. You will get a set of instruction to activate your account. The company decides the code. It can be the employee number id, phone number, date of birth, etc. If you are difficult to register your card, you can dial 1.888.265.8288. Then, you will hear a clear instruction.

After you know your activation code, you can follow the steps below to register your cards.

  • Visit Comdata login portal. You can go to
  • When you open the web, you can explore the page. On the left side of the page, you will find a blue button to register. This button is placed under the red words entitled Cardholder register here.
  • Enter your card number. You will find two boxes on the registration page. In the first box, you should fill it with the number stated in your Comdata card. Besides, you should enter the activate code in the second box.
  • Tap next button. After you make sure that the number and code are correct, you can press that button to follow other steps.
  • Create your username. You should compose a username which consists of letters and numbers. You can make it up to 16 characters.
  • Write your email address. In the box under the username, you should enter your email id.
  • Create a passcode. Your password should be 8-20 characters. You should make it by combining letter and number. The more unique your password, the more secure it is. You should remember your passcode.
  • Confirm the password. You have to re-enter your password in the next box.
  • Create a security question. You should provide a question and answer to prevent forgetting your password. When you do not remember your password, you can use this question to reset it.
  • Submit your data. You can press submit button when you have completed all sections.

After you do all steps above, your Comdata card is now registered. Then, you can log in to your Comdata account to start managing it. You can read the process of logging in on the explanation below.

How to Access Comdata Card Login

This writing will guide you to login into your Comdata login account. The instructions below are easy to follow. Most of the users are successful by logging into their account in the first time they try. What you need to access your account is only username and password. So, when you are in the process of registration, you have to remember the username and passcode.

You can get some advantages when you have registered Comdata card. First, you can view and manage the account balance. Then, you can print the account statement. Besides, you can transfer your money to other bank accounts. The last, you can dispute your transaction. Comdata also offers the easiness to set up the message alert. This way, you will get a notification for the account balance and usage. Here is the Comdata login tutorial.

  • Visit Comdata Cardholder webpage. The web is the same as when you register your card. Here is the website
  • In the login section, you should write the username as well as your password.
  • Click login button.

With three simple steps above, you can manage your account now. But, some users may forget their username. To solve this problem, you should click the link to get your username. You just need to enter the card number as well as the email address. Then, submit your request. The system will send the username to your email address. But, if you forget the passcode, you can enter your username and email id to the box provided. After you press submit request button, you will get the email from Comdata. This email consists of steps to reset the password.

The Steps to Reset and Recover the Comdata Card Login Credential

You need two pieces of data when you want to access Comdata login. They are a username and a password. The users who cannot remember it still can access Comdata account. But, they should reset the password. To recover it, you still need to access Comdata login portal first. Regardless you forget the password or the username; you can follow the steps below to reset it.

  • For username recovery

First, you should visit the cardholder Comdata portal. On the homepage, you will see the link “forgot your username and password.” You have to click this link to get your username back. Then, you have to enter the full card number into the first box. Besides, the second box is the place to write your email address. When you make any mistake, you can tap blue button to reset and clear the field. Then you can fill it with the correct details. The last, you should push the Submit Request button. Soon, you will get an email from Comdata. The email will contain your username, card number as well as email id which you were entered.

  • For password reset

The steps of resetting the pass code are similar to username recovery. First, you should click the button entitled “forgot your username or password?” Then you can enter your username in the first box while writing the email id in the second field. As like the instruction above, you can clear the section by pressing the reset button. If your data is correct, you will receive Comdata email. This email will show you the new password which is given by Comdata.

When you reset it, the Comdata login system will send you a new password. So, you cannot create the password by yourself. It is better to save it in a safe place to avoid losing the passcode. You also can save the email containing a new password. You have to secure the login credential since it is a sensitive matter. It relates to your account and money. So, you have to be careful. You do not want someone else steals your card and hack your account, do you?

The Overview of Comdata Company

Typically, Comdata runs not only payment solution business but also a fleet solution. Many companies cooperate with Comdata login to manage the employee’s payment. It offers easiness of paperless payroll. You need to know the type of business which Comdata has. Here some of them.

First, we would like to identify the payment solution which Comdata serves for its clients:

  • Virtual payment. Comdata provides Account Payable Automation. This service is also known as Comdata Connect Pay.
  • Employee payment. To support this service, Comdata offers Payroll card, commercial card, reward, incentive, and so forth.
  • The Point of sale solution. Comdata cooperates with many merchants to give POS solutions. It provides fuel site controllers as well.
  • Healthcare. Comdata also has the program to serve medical provider and healthcare claim payment.
  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Construction

Besides, Comdata provides Fleet Solution as well. The program offered is from the following list.

  • Small business fleet
  • Private and commercial
  • Comdata Fleet Card
  • Fleet resources
  • Fleet technology
  • Regulatory compliance

We will explain each of the services below. When you know the service offered by Comdata, you may be attracted to join it. It will help your business to develop simple payment for your staffs.

Comdata Payroll Card to Ease the Payment

As stated before, the main business run by Comdata is payment solution. It provides Comdata Payroll Card. This card serves as an electronic payment for the employees. Even they do not work with the bank; they still can use the card. The company will load the salary on the payroll card. The process is fast. In contrast, you may take more time if you use a bank account. The staffs can use the cards in ATM. Besides, they can use it for online shopping as well.

If you want to use the payroll service, you should get in touch with Comdata specialist. You can dial (800) 833-8640 if you have some questions about the service. You can send them an email. Besides, you can fill the customer information form on the Comdata web page. On the left section of the site, you can choose sales menu. Then, you have to fill out the client’s form. You need to write your first and last name, email address, and phone number. After that, complete the form by entering the name of the company. The last, you have to choose the product which you want.

You should choose Comdata Payment service, here are the reasons:

  • It reduces the cost of the paper check. You can pay the vendor and staffs electronically. This way, you can streamline the workflow. Besides, you can earn the incentives.
  • It serves complete service payment. You can purchase the product; pay the travel, fuel, and entertainment by using this card.
  • Simplify POS transaction. You can boost your efficiency. You may use Comdata card to pay the staffs and merchant.
  • Pay unbanked employee. You do not need printing check to pay the salary. You can load the payment directly to the card. Even the staff does not have a bank account; you still can pay them.

Fleet Advance to Control Your Fuel Cost

With the service offered by Comdata, you can save the fuel cost. It is because you can buy the fuel at a lower price. This program helps you to manage the purchasing criteria. You can control your driver. Besides, You will get a text alert if your driver does not comply. You can track what your drivers purchase through a portal.

By using fleet advance, you can control the fleet spending. With a single card, you will be able to manage the fuel purchased. Your driver is also flexible to do their job. You can save the fuel budget since the drivers can find the best price. This service is secured so you can increase your efficiency.

These are some advantages you can get from fleet advance.

  • It makes your task easier. You can have real-time insight into buying the fuel.
  • You can eliminate the risk. It is because you can monitor the transaction done by your drivers. Moreover, it has an advanced system to track the fuel transaction.
  • It is beneficial for the drivers. Your drivers can get the payroll fund, per diem, and cash advance.
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